Monday, September 27, 2010

Tomorrow Comes Too Late

It's true!

It does.

Hasnt there been some time where you just wished that the day would end?
Yeah i bet you have.

Or some day which you thought that it would last forever because of something that you're doing?
Just wishing that it would finally be tomorrow so that whatever you're doing would finally be over.

Tomorrow doesn't necessarily have to mean the day after today though..

It can be for something which could take an extended period of time.

Like in my case,
2 months to go till im finally in my home country again.
With all my family.
I can't wait :)


Like when i was trying to figure out how to end my relationship,
It took so long i almost went crazy in the process.
But when "tomorrow" came, it ended pretty well.
Better than i expected actually.
I think im a genius by the way i ended it O.O
Never could've or would've turned out better.

What about when you know you're going to get in trouble.
But it doesn't happen straight away.
You wait and wait.
Wait some more, and you start going insane waiting for it.
You can't wait for tomorrow so the punishment can be served and you're finally over and done with it.

It's like those movies that you see, where someone sees their own death.
When the time comes they know that they'll die, and they go crazy trying to stop it or trying to figure out exactly when it's going to be.

In other more stereotypical movies, you see the main protagonist show up just in time to save the day or whatever.


What if they didn't get there in time?
You can imagine the possibilities of consequences.

Well that's what real life is like.

Imagine a war scene.
2 soldiers trapped on the top of a tower, defending the fort from all angles against countless waves of enemies.
They finally get some transmission.
"We'll be there at o four hundred"
If the soldiers can keep this pace they might survive till then.
Something about humans though.


Big problem.

Pace deteriorates very quickly when the human body is strained.
Worse for the mind.

They spend the Twilight hours fighting.

Finally reach Midnight.

They've fought for what feels like weeks.
What's worse.
They look at their watches.


And Again.

10 minutes have passed.

Ammo running low.
Spirits running low.

Speed deteriorating.


A quarter of what it was a couple of hours ago.

They know what's going to happen.
They know they won't survive.

A grenade flies in.

Neither of them have the strength to move anymore let alone through the grenade back.

Ever heard the phrase mind over body?

Both mind and body have surpassed their limits two-fold already.

One of the soldiers reaches into his pocket with unimaginable effort.
Pulls out a picture of his wife and his little boy.
His last thought.

"I'm sorry.
But tomorrow came too late.

Chau <3

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  1. I agree, sometimes Tomorrow is just too late so we must act in the now. Because time waits for no one and chances will be lost.