Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Good Guy

But i am human you know.

It's only when you cross my line far enough that i snap.

Everybody hears rumours about me.

I've heard rumours about you. Your history with women. I better be carefulor i'll get my heartbroken is what they say.

And who did you hear that from exactly?

People that don't like me?

Or that know me the most.

Well have you gotten to know me?


I have a friend who used to be like that towards me.
Then the other day she said something that really made me feel human, like i wasn't JUST The Bad Guy.
She said, "Most people judge you without getting to know you. You're very mysterious, because on the outside you seem just like all the rest of them, but on the inside, you understand, you care, you notice, and you aren't a bad guy."

I was touched.

But.. i accept my fate.
I AM the bad guy.
You are right.
I just havn't found my place in this world yet, when i do though i'll be one of the best, to wherever and whoever, as long as the love, respect, and pride that i show towards you, it will be returned.

You know though..

You need people like me.
You need people like me to point your finger at and say, "That's the bad guy."
What does that make you then?



You just know how to hide.
You know how to lie.


I don't have that power.


I always tell the truth.
Even when i lie.

So say goodnight to The Bad Guy.

It's the last time you're ever going to see a bad guy like this, let me tell you.

Chau <3


  1. I've never thought you of as a bad guy. Even before we were close, I thought that you were a pretty nice guy.
    I know for a fact that you're a gentleman. I remember that there was a time we took a train ride for an excursion and it was pretty packed. I remember this train ride very well because, throughout that trip, you wouldn't sit unless all the elderly and women in that carriage sat.

    If you're willing to go that far for strangers, you can't be a bad person.