Friday, September 3, 2010

The Lone Wolf


Obviously since im writing, this must be me haha

Well youre right.

Ive had many girlfriends in the past, but none lasted more than 3 months.
If even a week.

Friends come and go, best friends stay forever.
Doesnt look like ive had that many best friends then, maybe 4..

Family. Lots of family.

I have 400 friends on facebook. I know 300 of them. Im friends with 200 of them. Im close with 100 of them.

Even with all of this companionship, no one really understands me..

Someone thats a close friend of mine didnt know one of the most important things about me until just recently, that id do anything for my friends, because they are the most precious people in my life.

No one understands, and i sometimes push people away, i dont like it when people get in my head or in my heart, because they can cause damage.

I saw a movie where the people were talking about crying..

It made me wonder when was the last time that i cried..

I remembered, it was when i first came to Australia because i didn't want to leave everyone behind.
That was when i just turned six.

After that, living with my mother and the countless crap that i went to,
I imprisoned my heart.

No one in,
No one out.

Not many people have gotten through since then,
And if they did, they stayed in for a very, very. long time.

I dont know, maybe im meant to have this kind of will power.
Maybe its meant for something good..

All i know is, right now,

I'm the Lone Wolf.

Chau <3


  1. awwwwwww *hugs*
    I have to admit, I've known you since yr7 and I still don't know many things about you.
    I'm the same in a way.
    I tend to push people away especially when they become close. And I hate people who try to get into my head, I push them even further away.

    But I do know that if there's ever a time you'd need someone to talk to, I'm there for you.

  2. Hey, I'm going to be a complete stalker and comment on this. HAHAHAHAHA. So it's been more than a year, have you found someone who understands you? xDDD