Friday, September 3, 2010

Stolen Identity

I appreciate that you look up to me like that
I kind of like that you think im that good that you would use my stuff

You're going too far..
You're stealing everything from me,
You aren't borrowing
You don't even ask.

You're stealing everything from me

My Phrases
My Observations
My Ideas
Even My Feelings.

These are parts of my soul.
They made me who i am
You're stealing my soul
You're erasing my existance
And if you're the new me,
Then i can't exist.
If i can't exist then i'm as good as dead.
I can already taste the bitter word on my tongue..


You're not borrowing.
You're stealing ME.



  1. ooohhhh are you ok Sergio???
    No matter who steals from you, you're still Sergio.
    Sergio is Sergio. And to me, you're alive and important.^^

  2. lol im ok,
    theres someone that just copies everything i do and it bugs me..
    they should make themselves who they are, not make themselves into someone else.

  3. ooooohhh its G.???
    I wouldn't have thought that.