Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feelings Can't express you Enough Through Words but They can Try

The first moment we met. She's short. She's cute. She's pretty beautiful. She's one year younger.

The more i got to know you. She's smart. She's funny. She's kind of a badass.

More still. She can be independant but prefers to have a man to hold her in his arms and for her to rely on.

Feelings grew more and more the more i got to know you and the more that there was nothing that i didnt like about you. At the beach you were kind of shy at first, but you were soon in the water playing around with me. Out of the water you were freezing. I grabbed the only towel we had and draped it over your shoulders. As i rubbed your arms to try to warm you up you looked into my eyes with the deepest, clearest, brightest, green/ silver ive ever seen. You shivered and watched me with those puppy dog eyes as i continued to rub your arms.

Before I could react, you opened the towel and wrapped it around me too. As we hugged inside the towel, your shivering slowly subsided but you continued to hug me. Youre slightly badass at times but in my arms you felt like a kitten.

Inside the car on the way to your house you slowly grabbed my right arm lightly with both hands, then rested your head upon my shoulder. I put my right hand across your body to your other shoulder and laid my head on yours. We didn't speak but just enjoyed each other's embrace.

I lifted my head off yours but maintained my arm around you. You then lifted your head and your magnificent eyes asked, "What's wrong?" With my left hand i slowly lifted your chin a little more and as i got close you closed your eyes. Then something that doesnt usually happen to me occured. Before i knew it, my eyes were closed too. As our lips befriended each other, our timid tongues slowly met and the fiery passion began intertwining.

The car stopped abruptly and broke our link. Our eyes didnt open for a few seconds though. I looked outside the window and realised it was your hosue. I looked back into your eyes and saw that you had the same opinion.

Not yet..

You looked down and then back up at me and said in an angelic voice, "Have a safe flight,"

Then with almost a tinge of sadness you added, "See you in two years."

You opened the car door and stepped out. As you closed the door and started walking to your house you stopped. You turned around to look at me and smiled with a delicate look in your eyes.

The driver drove. The romance parted.

Until next time..

Chau <3

Mi Hogar

You'll always be my home. The one I cheer for. The one I miss. The one i ove. The one i have a football team from.

Uruguay is my first love and no one will take it away from me. The light blue of Uruguay will always come before my favourite colours.

Almost all of my first loves, major romancse, and things which affected me deeply come from Uruguay. Also my family. Which i see every two years for a very very short time. It sucks.

The stay is long, but it feels all too short when i have to go. The goodbyes were short. Hug, hug, hug, bye. New romance, bye. Other three romances, bye. The fun is over for another two years. I wonder where two years will take us.

Why don't you let me go Uruguay? You delay my flight back to Australia for 4 more hours. Is it for me to call someone and say goodbye?
Is it because you want me to enjoy home for a little more?
Is it because you can feel from the other side of the world the emptiness in my heart from the longing i have to be here?
Is it because you wanted me to see that fight in the airport? I thought it was immature to watch but the crowd was there for 25 minutes. The entertainment of the fight brushed its dangerous fingers through my hair but i resisted with sheer willpower. Its wicked smile quickly turned into flaming fury as i continued to resist the urge to watch. I almost went. But my lazyness overpowered the lure as i didnt want to have to find a seat again when the fight was finished. As a reward, i gained an even better seat that someone left to go watch the fight.
Or is it just because you want me to enjoy life a little more becuase im going to die on this plane?

Uruguay your arms are accepting. Your love is furious. Your heart is lion like. Your buzum is warm and has accepted me as your son. Your smile shines with the warmth of the sun. No matter where i am,

Siempre sera Uruguayo.

Chau <3

Is it Better to Win the Battle or the War?

If there was a girl you see only every 2 years for a month or so, and you had a strong spark and past, which would you pick?

She doesn't come to visit you this time around until the final 10 minutes before you leave. She has a boyfriend this time though, but when she comes to see you she acts on the spark part on not the friendship part. She's always been timid and was shy to come see you because of her boyfriend. She doesn't say this but you know.

She says sorry about not coming to see you this time. Would you take the stupid option which lets you get one good psychological hit in, or would you put aside your pride just this once and get a prize?

The psychological hit is to respond with, "Yeah, because you've been spending all your time with your boyfriend." Completely idiotic, makes you look stupid, and also ruins your chance with this girl. But you got to say what you wanted.

The other option is to say that it's fine. Not mentioning her boyfriend at all would also be part of your approach as you know that she won't mention him either. This option will end in getting pashed by her,but what you wanted to get off your chest will remain unsaid.

I've made my decision.

It was difficult.

What would you have done?

Chau <3