Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it Better to Win the Battle or the War?

If there was a girl you see only every 2 years for a month or so, and you had a strong spark and past, which would you pick?

She doesn't come to visit you this time around until the final 10 minutes before you leave. She has a boyfriend this time though, but when she comes to see you she acts on the spark part on not the friendship part. She's always been timid and was shy to come see you because of her boyfriend. She doesn't say this but you know.

She says sorry about not coming to see you this time. Would you take the stupid option which lets you get one good psychological hit in, or would you put aside your pride just this once and get a prize?

The psychological hit is to respond with, "Yeah, because you've been spending all your time with your boyfriend." Completely idiotic, makes you look stupid, and also ruins your chance with this girl. But you got to say what you wanted.

The other option is to say that it's fine. Not mentioning her boyfriend at all would also be part of your approach as you know that she won't mention him either. This option will end in getting pashed by her,but what you wanted to get off your chest will remain unsaid.

I've made my decision.

It was difficult.

What would you have done?

Chau <3

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