Monday, December 20, 2010


If you were to have to say goodbye for the last time, to the love of your life,
what would you say?

Our 11 years of never ending, unrelenting love, will continue for the rest of my life.
I've never felt this way about anyone. I say that because my longest relationship has been 3 months.
My love for you has been 11 years.

I know that you love me the same way, and i know that you always have, since as long as i remember, whenever i'd sit outside, youd sit at your window and watch me, while i sat pretending to read, watching you watching me. That day that you admitted it to me was good but not surprising. The day you admitted you loved me i returned your feelings.

I remember that time that we sat at the steps of your house with each others phones and switching through the corny pictures, when we found a picture that displayed our feelings we'd show it to each other.. One of the ones i showed you said, "When you aren't with me, do you still think about me?"
You replied with a nod, a smile, and then showed me your phone with a picture of a bear holding a heart, and the heard said, "Why? Simply, because I Love You."

Every time i read a book i think about you. The flower i use as my bookmark reminds me of you. That flower you gave me, on that night that we said goodbye. After we parted ways, i layed in bed for two days, listening to songs that remind me of you, with the flower in my hand, as i watched it. that flower meant everything to me. When it closed and started to wilt i had no choice but to press it in my book to keep the memory forever.

The memory will stay forever near me. Your memory will stay with me, your heart will remain mine, and my heart will remain yours. Well my love, I guess the last thing i'd have to say is,

Me Muero Contigo
Te Amo

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