Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lament. Occupy. Verify. Evil.

Ever laid in bed just facing one side and just imagining that the person you liked or loved laid right next to you facing you?

That subtle smile

The hair cascading over the pillow to the bed

His hand on her waist

Her hand on the arm thats on her waist

One foot gently on top of another

I know i have..

Good thing about that is that even if you hear those words, they're not real.
You know you're not going to get hurt.
You know nothing is going to happen.
But what can you do if whenever you talk to them you're basically speechless?

It's lucky that the 3 most dangerous..
Most trusting..
Most loving words in the english language aren't real.

Watch out for those words.
They hurt.

"I Love You"

Chau <3


  1. All the time and it's such a shit feeling.

  2. All the time and it's such a lonely feeling