Saturday, August 14, 2010


Even though the snake dreams of soaring through the sky,
it is forever doomed to crawl upon its belly.

So in order to obtain your wings,
You targeted the hatchling in the nest,
But have now become the prey yourself.

The prey of the hawk that shall now soar through the sky.

Chau <3

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Man's Romance

Call it a man's romance..

But it's something that we must do.
It can even be something stupid and irresponsible just for the sake of principal.

It's a way of life.

It's a dream.

It's a hope.

It's a gut feeling.

It's what the spirit urges.

It's Dignity.

It's Pride.

It's Honour.

But sometimes..

It's enough to just believe in your nakama..

Chau <3

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where has that spark gone..?

Sometimes I think to myself..

What happened between us?

What changed?

I remember when you were infatuated by my love
and i was infatuated by yours.

When we broke the time period of when people though we were going to be together by 3 months..

We we're inseperable

I remember when we used to sit in the coffee shop and we sat in each others arms
Nothing could pull us away
Nothing needed to be said
Nothing needed to be done
We just sat.

Nothing could seperate us..


We started getting further appart..

Drifting away from each other so slowly yet so surely.
Next time i see you my darling, we shall no longer be together, but we will once again be two beings in the same group of friends..

I remember when i used to stare into your eyes, i could see into your soul because the love and admiration shone out through it..

Now i look at you..

When i meet your gaze all i see is hope. Hope that maybe something will fix it..

I don't think it can though..

The first time we kissed, both our eyes stayed closed..

So much passion..

So much love..

Slowly my eyes started opening, and although i watched as you closed your eyes every single time we kissed
Mine remained open..

They stopped closing because of that passion fading..

That love fading..

That spark fading..

Our spark..


No more...

Chau <3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) or Rose? you tell me..

Have you ever peered at the world through my eyes?

No one in the world is anything besides a Sakura or a Rose


Beautiful, Calming, Entrancing, and if you watch them you might come to a sudden realisation about a close matter in your life..

I'm sure you knew what a Sakura was.. but, have you ever stopped to wonder what a rose is?


It's Beautiful.


It's Calming.


It's Sweet.

But careful, with a rose comes thorns. The more beautiful the rose, the sharper the thorns.

They're good to look at, but get too close and you will get hurt.

Next time you walk down the street, or meet someone new, think about this, are they a Sakura? or are they a Rose?

Not just everyone else though, which are you?

Sakura? or Rose?

If you are a Sakura, then congratulations, you probably make friends easily and everyone likes you.


If you know you are a Rose, then be careful, you wont only sting those that are attracted to you, but you might also hurt those close to you as well.
But although they are 2 types of beings, they're all different.
Chau <3

New at this :S

Haha well as the title suggests, i'm new at this :P
yeahhhh you can expect to see me writing like i do on msn :P
I'll try to write properly though :P ( somewhat ;] )

Well my name is Sergio and i feel like im introducing myself to a self help group :S
haha no i'm kidding :P I speak spanish as i am from a latino heritage, and im also 1/4 Italian, ofcourse the rest is latin... more specifically from Uruguay :) DALE ARRIBA!! ^.^
I made this page because a close friend of mine has one and its pretty good so i thought i should give it a shot :)
It means i can write what i want, whenever i want, about whatever i want :P
Express yourself people!! :)

I'll head off with 3 of my favourite sayings:
             1. Cry if you are sad. When there are no more tears, life will go on.
             2. Train like you fight, because you fight like you train.
             3. Music keeps me sane.

I realise they are completely different meanings... but that's only because theyre for 3 different feelings :)

Chau <3