Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New at this :S

Haha well as the title suggests, i'm new at this :P
yeahhhh you can expect to see me writing like i do on msn :P
I'll try to write properly though :P ( somewhat ;] )

Well my name is Sergio and i feel like im introducing myself to a self help group :S
haha no i'm kidding :P I speak spanish as i am from a latino heritage, and im also 1/4 Italian, ofcourse the rest is latin... more specifically from Uruguay :) DALE ARRIBA!! ^.^
I made this page because a close friend of mine has one and its pretty good so i thought i should give it a shot :)
It means i can write what i want, whenever i want, about whatever i want :P
Express yourself people!! :)

I'll head off with 3 of my favourite sayings:
             1. Cry if you are sad. When there are no more tears, life will go on.
             2. Train like you fight, because you fight like you train.
             3. Music keeps me sane.

I realise they are completely different meanings... but that's only because theyre for 3 different feelings :)

Chau <3

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