Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Bad Guy

I told you.

I said, im very good to my friends, but anyone who fucks me over, I WILL fuck you right back.

But someone that fucks me over after becoming my friend doesnt deserve getting let off just like that, which is why i warned, i can crush your self esteem.
I can study your soul.
Find the weak point.
and i will demoralise and shame you till theres nothing left of you but tears, regret, and that face which says, i shouldve listened.

You blame me for what happened.
It was your fault.

Ever heard of a little thing called encouragement?
It can be very good.

A mother encourages her child to make friends.
Now isnt that nice.

Too bad for you that you chose another type of encouragement.
The type that made me crush your very core.



Stay on my good side then.

Go make fun of me, i dont mind, i'll laugh with you.
But theres a certain point you cant cross.
You go anywhere near insulting my family, or my pride,
You'll know.

To be continued..

Right now..

In my next blog post.
Shall we say, my other side.


  1. omg Sergio are you ok??!!
    Do you need someone to talk to?

  2. ohhh.... ok
    Well if you need me, you know where to find me^^