Saturday, September 11, 2010

11:11 hey..

I'm actually a somewhat supersticious person.

I believe.
Thats it.

I believe in ghosts.

Ofcourse i believe in ghosts..
They're just another word for spirits
And the spirits of all our loved ones will always be here,
Even if they are just in our hearts,
Or if they are acting as our guardian angels..
I believe.

I believe in monsters.

I believe in them


Not random green unhumanly shaped ones,
Ones that are human and cause havok, corruption, greed, etc..
I believe.

I believe in everything.

I dont neccessarily believe in 2012 but theres a hint of curiousity in my mind..

I did something that came as a shock to me today..
Whenever i see 11:11 out of impulse i wish for something,
Usually its something that i want.

Im a selfish asshole.

But, tonight i was thinking about you.

Last time it was 11:11 and i thought of you, i wished for you to be with me.

But tonight,,
I wished..

I wished that you would be happy and that someone will give you all you need and take care of you and show you love. Even if it isn't me.. I want you to be happy..

What do you know..
The wall around my heart is quivering and letting a little bit of love out.

I guess there still is a little bit of humanity in me after all..

Chau <3


  1. I think believing is a good thing. Beliefs keep us strong.
    And I think you always had a warm heart Sergio ^^