Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No comments

The man stares back at his computer, after putting up his final blog post.

"No comments"

He's talked about hate.

"No comments"

He's talked about heart break and how his ex left him because she was confused and needed time to think.

"No comments"

He's talked about loneliness.

"No comments"

All he wants is a reply.
He just wants someone to comment.
He stares blankly at the computer screen for an hour on end.

"No comments"

Finally at his final blog post he talks about suicide.
How it has eaten him up deep inside and how all he ever wanted was a reply.
He clicked "Publish"

"No comments"

10 minutes.

"No comments"

30 minutes.

"No comments"

60 minutes.

"No comments"

His hand slowly reaches to the edge of his laptop monitor and rests on top of it. Fingers curling over the cold metal cover while he's careful to not touch and dirty the screen.

He clutches the screen a little harder as his vision blurs and tears gently flow down his cheeks onto his keyboard.

"No comments"

As he get's extremely upset an overwhelming pain over comes his chest and his crying stops and is replaced with a cry out in pain as he clutches his chest.

Can't breathe.

I can't breathe.

I need air.

His lungs start to burn as the compressive feeling in his chest tightens then expands dramatically, then tightens back up again.


 He lets out a roar and as his voice starts escaping, so does air. Airflow out. Airflow in.


He puts his hands on his lap and pants heavily staring down at the bedsheet.

 It was sudden. It was powerful.

His body was giving up but something pulled him back.

He pauses.

His hand reaches for the monitor again and pulls it back so it faces him.

"1 Comment."

Chau <3

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