Thursday, August 18, 2011


I just realized that 8 days ago was this blogs first birthday! :)

So, happy birthday blog!

You've been with me through my bad times,
my good times,
my awesome times,
and my fucked up times haha :P
I'll try to whine a little less and start talking about more positive things from now on haha :P

I'm moving to Brisbane in 4 months,
Already bought the apartment,
Just need to move in :)

It's in a good town, near a beach and stuff :P
Any pretty girl want to come?

Anyone? lol

Damn. :P

Anyways again happy birthday to my blog and peace out my niggas :)

Chau <3


  1. What a cute hamster x3
    And wow, does that mean you going to be living all by yourself?
    =D I hope you'll be happy there~

  2. Omg, near the BEEEAAACCCHHHH.
    I'm so envious, Sergio!!!
    I'm so gonna drop by one day and crash at your place! XD

  3. Good for you =P

    I love my blog, it's always there for me when I need to vent.

  4. Lol nahh my brother has to move out of my sisters house so I'm letting him stay with me :P
    Yeah go ahead haha you're always welcome :D
    Me to!! :)