Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living the dream? Or dreaming the nightmare?

Walking through the train station confused about what platform I should go to.

Platform Attendant.


I show him my pass and ask, "Sorry, where is this platform?"
As he points to his left i thank him and follow the direction of his finger.

I start walking towards the platform and i walk through a small maze of poles that were set up to guide traffic of people when it's busy. Only one guy in front of me walking through the maze. I notice some guys on the platform that seem dodgy so i slow down a little bit. One of them pulls out a gun slowly and the rest follow suit.

They point it at my direction and all i can think of is "Shit."
I try to play it cool and look at my ticket, as I stop i try to make it look like i was walking towards the wrong platform so i start to walk back the other way. I don't walk too fast because i know that they'll notice me and shoot me straight away. With the men with guns on my left I leave the small maze and start making my way to a short but tall passageway about 30 meters in front of me.

I hear a silenced handgun shot and a groan. A thump follows and i know that the guy that was walking in front of me before is now dead. I try to play it cool like i didn't hear anything and i start hearing more silenced rounds go off. The bullets are hitting everything to the direction they were pointing at except me.

I hear one go past my head but continue to ignore the actions around me. About 10 meters to the tunnel.
I continue my pace and pray that i don't get shot.

The guns stop shooting.

Footsteps running follow. Sounds like 3 men after me. 5 meters to the tunnel.
3 meters
1 meter

I turn into the corner and instantly drop my bag and start running for my life.
I follow the corridor the only way it goes.






The footsteps are getting closer.

I see an exit sign and two doors to either side of it. the sign doesn't say which door but i know that if i take the wrong one ill be trapped. I take the door at the right. I get through and close the door behind me.

I turn around and see an old shabby apartment.

Wrong door.

Footsteps getting closer.

Too late.

I run into the apartment and run up the stairs. I run into the closest room.

Bathroom. Damn, i just can't catch a break.
Smallest bathroom i've ever seen. 1 m to both sides. Only room for a sink and the small 30 by 30 cm window behind it. All the lemon and cream coloured wallpaper is coming off, although it looks like it was kind of torn off. Everything is rusty and covered in grime, and the light is so bad that all it does is add to the crappiness of the room. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Shit.

I open the tap and splash some water on my face to try to help me cool down a little bit. I look up to the window and realise that the only thing behind it is cardboard and wood.

Suddenly blood starts dripping through the bottom of the window. Soon it starts flowing. I realise that the suppossed water that i had my hands under the whole time turned to blood. It spilled everywhere and covered me in it.

Suddenly the footsteps stop and a loud bang is heard from the door. Another loud bang. Another follows. It continues.

Then the last loud bang is the loudest of all. Splinters fly everywhere and the door comes crashing down at me.

Just before the door hits me, a blinding flash of white light appears and i wake up in a patch of grass.

I shift up on my elbows and realise that im in a large garden. Suddenly Edward from twilight walks in front of me wearing what looks to be like an englishman/golfers clothes. cream coloured suit pants. stripy bright shirt. yellow jumper draped over his shoulders with the arms tied in front of him.

He steps closer to me and puts his face about 40 cm's away from mine. Then his face suddenly splits into 3 with his skull one piece and the jaw spliting into two, and he roars at me with all his might. His face turns back to normal as he stands up looking pleased with himself.

I have a feeling that this is a dream so while still down I kick him straight in the testicles. Just as he bend over holding his prized jewels, the fearless warrior awakes from his slumber.

Chau <3


  1. ROFLMAO. Awesome dream. I WANT DREAMS LIKE THAT. Or watch a movie like that. I kind of wish you would expand more on it; write a continuation or something.

  2. lol id have to wait for a similar dream :P

  3. yeah but it just wouldn't feel right :S