Sunday, June 26, 2011

My dream


These are common dreams with most people..
My dream is a little different though.

I only need to be famous to a few people.
I only need to be rich enough to maintain a few people comfortably.
I only need to be powerful enough to be respected by a few people.

They're my family.
By my family i mean my future wife and kids.
That's because they are my dream.

I don't need to run a country.
I don't need to be a billionare.
I don't need to be the leader of an organised crime association.

I just want a beautiful wife who greets me when i get home with a smile and a, "How was your day honey?"

When i go away for a trip even for just a week, before i leave i want her to hold me like im never coming back,
To just stand there in an embrace which i wish would go on forever but it would still feel too short,
And the last words i hear before i leave to be, "I love you."

I want someone who makes me feel special for who i am,
Instead of depressed for who other people are and how im not them.

I want her to love me unconditionally as i will love her the same.

I want to be proud to announce to my mates that she's my wife and i wouldn't care what anyone says about her because she'd be the most precious person in my life.

That is until the kids enter this world.
Thern they would all be the most precious people in my life.

I would love them unconditionally.

I would be proud of them for their achievements and show it with great exaggeration.

I wouldn't punish them for what they did wrong, i'd just be very dissapointed, but i know that if i raise them like I would, they would achieve greatness.

When they come home from a party at 3 in the morning that they weren't meant to go to and I catch them in the act i wouldn't rat them out to my wife, i'd ask how the party was and laugh about it with them.

If they get in trouble at school and i get called in i'd ask what they did, i'd probably laugh about it and i'd suggest that we keep it a secret from the mother. :P

But i wouldn't be all jokes..

If something happened to my wife or kids id try to put up a smile for the rest but i'd secretly be dying inside..

If any of them were in hospital i wouldn't leave the bedside until they did as well,
and if one of them died in front of me or in my arms I don't think i'd know how to react. I would probably stand there with an empty expression and i'd be a broken man..

But then again, I would do everything in my power to stop any of the bad stuff happening.

I'd give my life to save them.


Because they are my Love,

They are my Passion,

They are my Pride,

They are my Strength,

They are my Friends.

They are my Equanimity.

They are my Joy.

They are my Compassion.

They are my Dream.

Chau <3


  1. The woman who ends up marrying you will be very lucky. =]

  2. haha, if i get a woman like this then id make her feel like the most special girl in the world as a way to repay her for making me the luckiest guy in the world for being with her :)

  3. So romantic. Like Lucy said =P