Monday, September 5, 2011

You disgust me.

The words repeated to me by a little boy I've never met before.
My whole outlook on myself just got reinforced with that statement.

I disgusted myself.
I was actually quite surprised at how many People accepted me for who I am when I can't even accept myself.

You disgust me.
The words I thought to myself every time I broke a girls heart.

Seems that I've started to show it.

People can see who I really am and I'll get treated as I deserve.
It is only fair. I talk about treating people equally and fairly.

Why should I be the same?
I've done a lot of fucked up things.

You disgust me.

Chau <3


  1. Due to the fact that you actually see and realize all the mistakes you've done makes you a better person. We all have regrets that makes us hate ourselves, but its never too late to repent for them. Alot of people accept you because they see the awesomeness in you, =P give yourself some credit for being the awesome person those people see. And as for the meanies, fart on their face~

  2. Rofl fart on their face :P
    Thanks :) haha

  3. Omg, so sorry Sergio!!!!!!
    It was so rude of my brother to scream that at you. I promise that I do raise my brothers better than that!!

    On another note, yes I agree with Shula. Everyone makes mistakes and do wrong things. But not many accept their mistakes and learn from it.
    The fact that you acknowledge your short comings means you can grow above them.
    Plus, of course we would accept you for who you are! What are friends for? -hugs-

  4. Haha thanks Lucy :)
    And dw about it, your brother just made me think.. :P