Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dark Pits of Hell

We may look tough, or sweet, or sensitive, or loving on the outside, but do you really know who is inside?

No one knows who i am
They know certain parts of me
The parts i wish them to know
I act stupid in front of some people, most probably so they don't suspect me of being too bright.
I act smart in front of others, so they know what im capable of.
But only i know everything about me
Everyone knows a portion of me
But no one knows the true me
Everyone has their demons
Guys tend to get rid of them in different ways
Some buy a house in the middle of no where to be in peace
Some find themselves a nice quiet place and just die
Others go to the sopping centre with a fully loaded sub-machine gun and kill everyone in sight.

Only ive walked through the chilly depths of my mind
I keep my demons inside
Because if anything ever escaped
It wouldnt end well for anyone
I'm capable of alot.

Reminds me of Naruto actually..
I'm sure you know the story but if you don't,
He's a kid who was born as a vesel for a demon that destroyed his whole village
The demon ends up trapped inside of him
Sort of like a cage
But if naruto is close to death or his emotional levels go through the roof about something, the demon escapes slowly
And then it becomes difficult to hold him back from escaping, and temporarily
Naruto becomes the demon himself and only knows destruction.
Thats basically me
exept my demons are only feelings

No one knows my past.
No one knows my contacts.
No one knows my family.
No one knows my relatives.
No one knows my friends.
No one knows my dangers.

But me.

Chau <3


  1. I still have a negative perspective on guys.

    Btw. Sadako is so hot <3

  2. lol yeah after reading this i didnt think that your perspective would improve :P

    and really? she scares the fuck out of me. XD