Monday, March 21, 2011


You've waited for someone for so long.
That one person you dream about
The one person you think about
The one person youd die for

But what keeps you going?

I've waited for so long that it's hard to tell the difference between sunrise and sunset..

But what keeps you going?

Hope that shouldn't exist?

Or the thought of Love?
What does Love mean though?

I'd have to feel something between us..
Something like hopeless affection..
Enchanted Love..
Drowning deeply in lust..

Problem is though.. Love is a tough thing to get to..
It's not because it hurts..
It's because the last thing you ever see from a person is their heart.

Which means that you have to stay and pound through walls of insecurities and slash through uncertanties to find the Love that is, or isn't, there..

Alot of times you'll get hurt,
and alot of times you'll hurt them..

But it's not about how hard you can hit..
It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward..

But although this world is in a rush..
You have to just wait patiently until you are the best you can be,
Because when you are the best you can be, when you have the most to offer, you'll find the best you can imagine..

And hopefully you'll find the one to watch sunsets with and think, this beauty we are witnessing right now, is what you are to me..

So how long do you think you can wait?

Chau <3


  1. That's really deep, Sergio.
    I wonder how long I have to wait for until I find that person. I wonder how many trial and errors I have to go through? I wonder if I actually have such a patience.

  2. Definitely not forever. Eternal love doesn't exist in my world if two people arent willing to make the effort.