Friday, March 1, 2013

Magic Camera

So I've arrived at that stage in my workout regime..

I'm no longer skinny, I'm comfortable with my body now, I've gotten bigger and enjoy receiving compliments and recognition for my efforts.

The thing is though.. I'm barely even half way through my potential. Not even. I'm a third of the way through. My motivation is starting to wane since I'm getting more comfortable.

I'm determined but unmotivated enough to not push myself as much as I used to and here is the point where I start to question myself. This is the point in time where I really wish I could have a magic camera. Now this may sound crazy but hear me out for a second.

If I had a time controlling camera that you take a picture of something and then with the camera you can use a program like editing software to view that same items in different times. You can view it in the past, in the future and also view what it would look like depending on the events that occurred.

This way I could take a picture of my comfortable self now and see what I look like in say 1 year if I just stay with my comfortable self, or 1 year if I actually feel like pushing myself and eating better and putting in the tremendous effort.

I mean sure, I can look at other people and see what they've achieved and think, "Ohh if I do this then I can achieve that"

Sure sure, but it's not the same as seeing myself in that position. Seeing what I become, and how different I am, and the comparisons. I guess essentially this is because I can relate to myself a lot more than I can with others (for obvious reasons).


Chau <3