Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Intoxication of a Kiss

As night sky begins to fill with stars that glisten harmoniously with the beating of each lovers heart, he grabs the remote control and turns on the CD-Player.

The music, slow and heartfelt played with the heart of each lover as the man slowly caressed the back of his fingers across her right arm, all the way down to her fingertips,and as he gently placed his hand under hers, he whispered into her ear, "Would you honour me with this dance?"

She replied with a slight nod. They stood up and they grasped his left hand with her right hand out wards, and her hand on his shoulder with his hand on her waist. They danced and slowly the parting between them started to close and they gently looked at each others lips, and as they got closer she closed her eyes, but when their lips should of met, they did not. Instead, she felt the enchanting feel of his lips kissing her neck.

Her legs went soft for a split second but she stayed up trying to hold herself down on the world so as not to float away. As he kissed her silky neck he felt her sigh deeply and lay her head on his shoulder.

The music came to an abrupt end, as she pulled away and looked at him. She clasped his face with her palms, and allowed him to look deep into her chestnut brown eyes praying that he could understand what she so desperately want to say.

The sliver of moonlight grew as the cloud that covered it gently moved with the midnight air, as it shone directly on his face he didn't care, all that mattered was the look that the two were sharing as he looked into her eyes and she looked into his emerald green eyes with the slightest tinge of brown in the middle. They cared not for the subtle hooting of the owls or the calls of crickets as when they looked into each others eyes it felt like they were peering each others souls, and they could sense each other as if they were one.

She wanted to tell him but her shyness slowed her down and made her doubt herself. She slowly lowered her head because she couldn't look him in the eye after that, but as he gently lifted her head up by her chin and stared into her eyes, she regained her confidence and said what she's wanted to say for a long time, "You are the love of my life and I never want that to change" ending her sentence with a sudden yet passionate kiss.

He kissed.
She kissed.
They kissed.

Chau <3

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